Understanding Disruption in Distressed Physicians & Medical Organizations

Historically, disruptive behavior in the workplace was attributed to an individual’s difficulty with anger management. In fact, the problem is more complex and includes organizational as well as team/department factors. Nevertheless, individual difficulties with self-regulation, conflict resolution, risk management, reputational awareness, and diplomacy are critical to successfully negotiating the risks of interdependent collaboration. Adaptive self-regulation in the face of organizational dysfunction is a matter of clinical-professional competence. As the delivery of medical services changes, clinicians need to be informed and adapt to these changes in order to thrive.

Check with your state medical board, hospital setting or provincial college in advance to inquire about receiving official credit for this 2-day workshop. Find out more »

Professional Boundary Training for Medical Professionals

Managing professional boundaries in the workplace is easier said than done. Interpersonal dynamics with patients, co-workers, colleagues, and social acquaintances can become compromised under duress. Individual vulnerabilities, misperceptions, “good intentions”, and the culture within the workplace can contribute to lapses in maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Our professional training/coaching workshop is a highly individualized, thought provoking process aimed at helping physicians to not only change their behavior but also adjust their perceptions of themselves and others. Find out more »

The “Medical Marriage” Workshop

The “Medical Marriage” Workshop is a 2.5 day, intensive couple’s process to help physicians and their significant others reflect on their relationship experience. The original dream versus the realities of their union will be explored as each couple’s situation is considered. Conflict and duress inevitably condition a unique relationship culture. A successful intimate relationship requires ongoing, intentional reflection on that culture and compassionate engagement to keep the dream alive. Couples need not be married to attend.

What makes the “Medical Marriage” unique? Is it unique and if so, how? Together, we will explore these questions, myths and mysteries surrounding the “Medical Marriage.” Find out more »

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