“Medical Marriage”

The “Medical Marriage” Workshop

The “Medical Marriage” Workshop is a 2.5 day, intensive couple’s process to help physicians and their significant others reflect on their relationship experience. The original dream versus the realities of their union will be explored as each couple’s situation is considered. Conflict and duress inevitably condition a unique relationship culture. A successful intimate relationship requires ongoing, intentional reflection on that culture and compassionate engagement to keep the dream alive. Couples need not be married to attend.

What makes the “Medical Marriage” unique? Is it unique and if so, how? Together, we will explore these questions, myths and mysteries surrounding the “Medical Marriage.”

This Interactive Workshop is Designed for the Following Couples:

• The Early Career Relationship: Liability Risk Management for the Professional Couple

• The Mid-Career, Parenting Couple

• Same Sex Dynamics

• Acute Transitions & Upsets that Compromise Collaborative Relating

• Gender Dynamics

• Late Career Relationship: Where to Now?

Topics of Discussion and Participation:

• Identify the Relationship Culture

• The Dream of Marriage

• The Inevitable Slide into Contempt & Acting Out

• Self-Regulatory Skills for the Medical Couple

• Civil Relationship Dialogue

• Cultivating Kindness, Compassion & Trust

• Renegotiating & Protecting the Relationship Space

• The Intentional Stance: Reenvisioning the Dream

Workshop Dates:

Please call Carly at 785-856-0473 to register and arrange an appointment.
(8:30 am – 5:00 pm)