Early Interventions That Make Sense

Professional coaching is a targeted, individualized intervention for those who are identified as distressed or disruptive in the workplace. This process begins with a brief assessment of professional skills and deficits, followed by specific didactic, interpersonal and directive discussions to address the difficulties that are undermining the physician’s effectiveness. This intervention is an intermediate step between an educational workshop and extensive remediation or treatment. It is appropriate for participants whose licenses are not yet in jeopardy. The structure of the coaching is individualized regarding time, commitment, and the scope and depth of the intervention.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering virtual training via an encrypted telehealth portal and in-person options.

The objectives of this program include:

  • Learning how to be an empathic leader across multiple settings when interacting with staff, patients and their families, administrative bodies, and physician colleagues

  • Introducing didactic information about team dynamics and institutional cultures as they impact the delivery of care

  • Developing cognitive strategies and emotional regulation skills to practice with diplomacy and discretion

  • Becoming informed about professional boundaries and the value of being attentive to appropriate role related interactions as a means of practicing reputational risk management

  • Mindfulness training to promote reflective and authoritative functioning

  • Gaining insight into personality vulnerabilities and strengths to adaptively navigate under internal and external sources of stress

This program is structured around one or more visits to Acumen Institute. The physician meets individually with all of the primary Acumen staff to address their specific needs. Follow-up sessions, if indicated, are focused on consolidating gains, acquiring more advanced and sophisticated modes of leadership, polishing interpersonal skills, utilizing the physician’s peers and staff as problem solving consultants, and more clearly defining future career goals.

To learn more about this program, please call our office at 785.856.0473 to schedule a phone call with one of our doctors.