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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between Acumen Assessments and Acumen Institute?
    Acumen Assessments, LLC conducts multidisciplinary, comprehensive forensic, and clinical evaluations. Acumen Institute provides workshops and longitudinal professional programming to address professional boundaries, anger problems, unprofessional conduct, psychiatric struggles (when we return to in-person programs), difficulties with maintenance of sobriety, and material non-compliance with monitoring or a licensing board’s consent order.
  • How long is the Acumen Institute’s Longitudinal Day Program?
    Acumen’s Day Program is divided into three phases or episodes. Services in the program occur M-F from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Phase I is three weeks long. Phase II includes a one week follow-up at 3 months and a week at 6 months. The final Phase III occurs at one year and is 3 days long. In total, the participants complete 5½ weeks over one year’s time.
  • How much does the Acumen Institute’s Longitudinal Day Program cost?
    Before enrollment, each individual will talk with one of the doctors. As part of that conversation, dates, availability, and costs are delineated. There will be no surprises. We believe this discussion is essential to establishing a positive relationship.
  • I’ve heard that some treatment programs will extend a professional’s stay if they do not feel the participant is “getting it." Does Acumen Institute do that?"
    No. Our program is a fixed treatment process. If the participant is not showing improvement, they may need additional treatment, but we will not extend a stay. Acumen will provide appropriate referrals to other facilities if necessary and if the professional requests it.
  • Do you have accommodations for participants in your programs?
    No. The day program occurs in the Acumen offices. Participants have a variety of choices within the Lawrence, KS community, including long term stay hotels, Airbnb, bed & breakfast homes, and even some short term rental apartments. We've created our Stay page as a great resource for you in this regard. Each participant is responsible for making their own travel and boarding arrangements.
  • After I finish the Longitudinal Day Program, can I return to work?"
    Whether a participant can return to work or not is determined by their individual licensure authority or their state’s impaired professionals’ health program. As a result, getting back to work requires their approval. At the end of each Phase in our program, Acumen will render an opinion regarding the professional’s fitness to work, and we will work with the participant and all involved to construct an appropriate Return to Work Plan®.
  • If I did my original assessment somewhere else, can I come to the Acumen Institute for treatment or coaching?"
    Absolutely! Acumen Institute was developed so professionals have a choice in where they go for their remediation intervention.
  • Does Acumen Institute provide primary substance use treatment and rehabilitation?
    No. We are not set up to handle the medical complications that can occur as an individual goes through detox from alcohol or drug use. We ask participants to document three months of abstinence prior to joining our program. We do provide ongoing care and consultation around substance use disorders, relapses and co-morbid mental health problems.
  • Will my medical insurance cover the Acumen Institute’s Longitudinal Day Program?
    Probably not. The day program is designed to address problems with unethical or unprofessional conduct. While many of these problems occur in association with substance use disorder, psychiatric disorders and stage of life/career struggles, many insurance policies do not feel these issues are “medically necessary.” Typically, however, they are “professionally necessary.”
  • Does Acumen provide any services for my significant other or family members?
    Couple’s consultation, telephone coordination, and therapy are available at an additional cost. Frequently, we make referrals to a couple or family therapist in the professional's locale. During our program, we want the professional to focus on caring for themselves first.
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