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Longitudinal Day Treatment Program For Licensed Professionals

Our program is designed around the belief that personal and professional development is an evolutionary process that takes place over time. Acumen Institute is dedicated to individualizing each client’s remediation, treatment, or professional coaching process to meet their immediate needs. This program meets most state licensure Board and Physician Health Program requirements for an intensive treatment process or behavioral and skills development action plan. Participant groups are formed on a quarterly basis. 

Difficulties we help people to overcome include:

  • Professional boundary problems
  • Sexual misconduct and workplace harassment
  • Recovery and relapse prevention
  • Psychological/personality factors that complicate recovery from substance use disorders
  • Emotional distress and personality factors that result in disruptive behavior
  • Treatment of compulsive behavioral disorders
  • Psychological consequences of trauma
  • Life stage and career phase transitions

Treatment at Acumen Institute is a three-phase process:

Phase I: Immersion and redirection – 3 weeks (Monday-Friday)

Phase II: Follow-up (2 separate one-week follow-up visits over one year) - Performance in Practice

Phase III: Consolidation of gains and termination (3 days after one year)

The Objectives of Our Program Include:

  • Utilization of mindfulness training and acceptance and commitment coaching to develop adaptive self-regulation skills and value-based life plans
  • Identifying and ameliorating personality/character attributes that lead to self-defeating outcomes
  • Identifying deficits in professionalism
  • Internalizing adaptive professional boundaries, leadership, and social skills
  • Examining and redirecting negative attitudes and convictions
  • Developing a life-work plan tailored to your needs, strengths, and career context
  • Implementing new skills that promote team-based collaboration in the work environment
  • Monitoring response to licensure requirements, psychiatric treatment, and medical interventions as indicated

To learn more about this program, please call our office at 785.856.0473 to schedule a phone call with one of our doctors.

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